Uaw Master Agreement


Section 4. The university will not enter into an agreement with the unit`s employees to undermine the union`s role as a representative of the unit`s staff. No individual or group of individuals acting independently of the authorized representatives of the University or the International Union and their Local Union may modify, supplement or modify the provisions of this Agreement. In Australia, framework contracts proved to be so controversial that they were essentially prohibited by the 1996 workchoices legislation and its 2005 amendments. [19] This Agreement is entered into and entered into by and between the University of Washington, hereinafter referred to as “university” or “employer”, and the International Union, United Automobile, Aerospace and Agricultural Implement Workers of America (UAW), AFL-CIO and its Local Union 4121, hereinafter referred to as “UAW” or “Union”. In Canada, unions have used framework contracts to organize thousands of new workers. [16] When negotiating a framework contract, the union often chooses the financially strongest employer or the strongest shipyard to negotiate with it. This agreement becomes a framework contract and defines the model for negotiation with other employers or construction sites. [5] [13] In some cases, the objective of a framework agreement is to standardise the conditions of remuneration and performance in a market or sector so that employers can compete on the basis of quality services, quality products or improved safety at work.


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