Rackspace Cloud Service Level Agreement


It`s hard to create and manage websites and applications in the 24x7x365 cloud. And cloud talent can be expensive and hard to find. Instead, download your cloud management to Rackspace technology. Our teams of experts take care of your cloud for much less than the cost of hiring that talent in your own home. In March 2006, Rackspace Cloud announced to Mosso LLC that it was a wholly billed subsidiary in the form of a computer offering. [1] [2] Mosso proposed paaS-Webhosting on the LAMP and IIS infrastructures. When it preceded the introduction of the concept of cloud computing, it was “redesigned” and restarted on February 19, 2008, with the slogan “Mosso: The Hosting Cloud”. [3] The branding “Mosso” (including the mosso.com domain) was then discontinued on June 17, 2009 in favour of branding “The Rackspace Cloud” (including the name rackspacecloud.com domain). [4] [5] Since then, customer contracts have been entered into with Rackspace US, Inc. d/b/a The Rackspace Cloud and not with Mosso LLC`s subsidiary. [6] No matter what level of service you choose, you always have 24x7x365 of access to a dedicated account team – a team that listens to your needs and creates you the most appropriate solution in the cloud of your choice. From architecture, migration, backup and operation of your cloud to continuous optimization, your team is there to achieve tangible business results.

Cloud computing is insatiable, more backend services that power businesses. But some companies have applications with data protection, security and regulatory requirements that exclude the cloud. To find the right mix between the public and private cloud. A detailed TCO analysis of local DIY IT management compared to Rackspace Hosting Services Management for a mid-sized financial services company. Service Level Rate (from 500 to 307A 625€424) Cloud servers and most other cloud products are physically located in one of six data centers:[29] Chicago, North Virginia, Dallas, London, Sydney or Hong Kong. Access to InLondon-based cloud products requires a separate UK account, but only one “US” cloud account can access all US data centers with the Sydney and Hong Kong regions. Cloud sites are only available in data centers in Dallas and Chicago. Creating a new account is free. Minimum fees don`t start until you start spidering cloud servers. It is strongly recommended to activate 2-factor authentication warnings and billing thresholds. Rackspace`s private cloud service is now available in the U.S.

and will be launched internationally in early October. The control panel contains management interfaces for cloud sites, cloud servers and cloud file services. There was a web file manager, but it was deleted for unknown reasons. It also allows users to manage multiple customers and plans and products (z.B. databases, 24×7 support) that apply to them, with white label options for messaging. Customers themselves have access to a restricted version of the control panel that allows them to perform administrative tasks such as managing email accounts. [31] In 2011, the Rackspace Cloud brand merged with Rackspace.com. In 2012, Rackspace was renamed “Rackspace, the Open Cloud company.” In 2014, Rackspace was renamed Rackspace, the #1 Managed Cloud Company.” Launched on July 14, 2009 under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license, the Cloud Servers API allows customers to create, configure and control virtual servers. [19] In addition to issuing fundamental administrative orders, this allows for “elastic scenarios” in which servers are destabilized and destroyed in response to voltage fluctuations (one of the main features of cloud computing). [20] RightScale is owned by third parties who have announced their support for this API. [21] In addition to the online control panel, you can access the service via a RESTful API with an open source customer code available in C-/.NET, Python, PHP, Java and Ruby. Rackspace`s jungle disk provides cloud files as a local drive in tank operating systems

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