Microsoft Partner Support Agreement


Skill partners must have the signature ID and contract ID, or already have the benefits of registering before they can reapply for assistance. The access IDENTIFIANT and the DEEDER of the contract are displayed in the Partner Center after the activation of the benefits – see 2904733 For a synched in a case, the CSP partner is responsible for all the problems that prevent the creation of user accounts? An Advisor partner activates “partner functions” and requests Executive Director`s Rights (DAP) by email; The global customer administrator approves the relationship to activate DAP at the partner level. The advisor requests a relationship by sending the client an offer for the delegated administration by email, or when he sends a charge or offer to purchase (enable “Include authorization for delegated administration”). For more information, see partner help. After that date, the MPA will be the agreement allowing partners to act as indirect resellers as part of the Cloud Solution Provider Program. We advise you to run the MPA as soon as it is available. The agreement can be previewed from July 31. As of September 1, PSC partners will be able to accept the agreement. Indirect resellers must accept Microsoft`s partnership agreement if they connect to the partner center dashboard to access CSP customers. From If you have activated your contract from May 2019. MPN contracts have standardized and use the same access and contract identifier for MPN product support and signature. 9. Click Show My Requests for Assistance to view the request you submitted.

The partner administration agent user opens the client in the Partner Center and selects the corresponding workload. B for example Azure, Dynamics 365, and creates a new requirement. Note: Your contract/support plan does NOT appear if: Open the Partner Center client, and then you get support benefits. Microsoft`s partner partners in Microsoft`s partner channel program will be Microsoft`s first partners to work with the new agreement. These include CSP Direct Bill-Partner, CSP Indirect Provider, Multi-Tier-Partner und CSP Indirect Resellers. In short, all Microsoft partners who act in the Microsoft CSP program. There is no obhalf of (OBO) process for local products, as support incidents are not customer-related. You create an assistance incident as usual. Anyone with the access and contract ID can create a request. By default, your partner users can`t help customers.

Partner users need to be enabled at the partner level at the user level to help your customers. Selected user permissions must be changed via user management via the agent administrator security role (Supports your client as > administrative agent role) For the licensing, the partner can set up a group-based license control to automatic? For Azure and Dynamics 365, partners need the access IDENTIFIANT and the contract IDENTIFIANT for signature Cloud Support (only skill partners) – see 2904733.

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