Horizon Air Union Agreement


“The proposed agreement will have a positive impact on GoJet pilots by clarifying the issues they have faced in the workplace,” said Tom Cole, vice president of Local 618 in St. Louis, Transaction agreements are considered an extension of the collective agreement. Like the LOAs and MOUs, the MEC has the power to enter into transaction agreements in accordance with the Constitution and the AFA statutes. Under the RLA, airline employment contracts never expire. Instead, each contract has a modifiable date at which the union and the company have the option to amend the contract. The new interim agreement provides for improvements in work rules, benefits and pay. (WASHINGTON) – The International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Teamsters Local 618 and GoJet Airlines announced today that they have agreed to a five-year contract for approximately 500 pilots. The Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) clarify the intent and interpretation of the existing language of the treaty. They are binding agreements with management and are fully applicable. Visit our Jumpseat page for a list of airlines, their jumpseat agreement and list of layout instructions. In a vote that did not take place today, the pilots ratified an agreement providing for wage increases for the duration of the agreement.

The contract provides for the establishment of a preferential offer system (PBS) with a language that is the best in the regional industry and equivalent to that of the major airlines. (WASHINGTON) – Horizon Air Teamster pilots, members of Teamsters Local 1224 in Wilmington, Ohio, voted 2-1 to ratify a collective bargaining agreement that will bring jetflying back to the company. About 44% of Horizon`s staff are covered by collective agreements. The airline`s philosophy is to provide market-based wages to all your employees. Contract negotiations in the commercial aviation sector are governed by the Railway Labor Act (RLA) passed by Congress in 1926. The RLA is trying to avoid any interruption of intergovernmental trade by establishing clear guidelines for labour negotiations between railways and airlines. The Act also created the National Mediation Board as a federal body to oversee labour negotiations. In addition to the JCBA, a number of additional documents help clarify and interpret the language of the contract. These include: . Click below to see the pdf version of our contract.

For more information, visit the Trading page. . Tips and Tools for Emotional and Physical Well-being – Sarah Franklin, LMHC, provides tips and tools for emotional grounding in times of stress. — Daniel Crites, CPT… “One of AMFA`s objectives is to strengthen standards and enhance the recognition of LMOs across the industry.

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