Culligan Rental Agreement


It`s never been easier to get quality water. A Culligan rental program is very simple and is offered to many homeowners and businesses. As a consumer, you will receive a monthly payment for services that include filtering or hardening your water. The services of filling your plasticizing salt and planned replacement of filters are offered. So how do you benefit from a Culligan rental program? For cases where buying is not the best option, rent a water dispenser from Culligan Water. The reasons for getting one of our water rental plans are as follows: with each estimate, the Culligan representative will provide a list of recommended systems for a particular property and the amount of monthly purchase and lease plans. In addition, ongoing service plans, such as salt delivery and filter maintenance, are discussed and used for verification. For a water dispenser near you, go to Culligan of Mechanicsburg. Call your local Culligan Man today for more information about our service plans.

For a lower-cost water softener solution, sign up with Culligan of Mechanicsburg for one of our water rental plans. We will make it easy for you to rent a solution for your water treatment needs without a long-term contract. You can try it before you buy with purchase options available after your rental. Culligan von Mechanicsburg brings the national Culligan Water brand to Mechanicsburg and its surroundings. We have system solutions that solve your most demanding water problems. Culligan Water is a water chiller rental company that changes your water supply at an affordable cost. This is a service contract, not a finance lease, equipment lease or insurance contract. Your local Culligan Man will help you rent the water cooling system that suits you best. Then you can set a water delivery schedule that is comfortable for you – we follow your schedule! Our rental options allow you to try a water filtration system at a lower cost..

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