Csl Agreement


13.7 Notwithstanding a provision of this Agreement, the commitment period for a new mobile service or mobile device begins immediately after the expiry of the existing service if you receive benefits through a promotion, whether it is mobile devices or mobile services, or a discount under an existing agreement between you and us (“Existing Benefit”), the commitment period for a new mobile service or mobile devices. In order to avoid any doubt, any support by you for a mobile service or mobile device is immediately effective as soon as you accept the offer we have made, regardless of the time of the provision of mobile service or mobile equipment. If you terminate a mobile service or mobile device before the mobile or mobile service is made available to you, but you have received benefits related to it, we have the right to deduct or cancel the benefits (at our discretion) of one of your accounts or to deduct or demand the value of the benefits (as defined by us) of one of your accounts or to demand reimbursement of the benefit. CSL has been working at a high rate on the current COVID 19 pandemic and has invested considerable resources in the rapid development and large-scale production of V451, as well as a number of other therapeutic programs. The company had previously advised ASX on additional agreements with the Australian government and AstraZeneca for the production of approximately 30 million doses of Oxford University/AstraZeneca vaccine candidate AZD1222. Both vaccines operate in different ways, but they can use many facets of the same manufacturing platform technology used by CSL to produce recombinant proteins. In June 2020, the Centre for Epidemic Preparedness (CEPI) and the CSL announced that they would jointly fund the development and production of UQ`s “molecular terminal” vaccine. Key activities include the ongoing Phase 1 human study, as well as subsequent late-stage clinical studies, scale-up and manufacturing, if the vaccine is approved by the supervisory authorities. The agreement follows UQ`s joint efforts with support from CSL, The Doherty Institute, ANU and CSIRO at the beginning of the pandemic in early 2020.

There are a number of critical milestones that need to be reached before the vaccine can be considered a success, but if the results of the clinical trial are achieved, CSL is confident that the production technology will reach 100 million doses by the end of 2021 at its biotechnographic production sites in Australia, while continuing work to further increase production during this period. Industry Minister Karen Andrews said the agreements show what can be achieved if researchers and industry work together.

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