Collective Agreement Gl Group


On June 12, 2019, an agreement was reached between the employer and 15 phoenix damages negotiators (Appendix #4). The PSAC did not approve the terms of the agreement, which includes up to five days of paid leave and compensation for financial and non-monetary losses. This proposal would also represent a considerable burden for the employer – more than $6 million per year for the SV group or 0.9% of the SV wage base. In addition, the employer invokes replication as a guiding principle for the setting of remuneration and proposes that the Commission take into account all elements of total remuneration in its recommendations for the SV group. Evidence of recruitment and engagement strongly indicates that SV compensation levels are appropriate to attract and retain a sufficient number of employees. There is no indication that the recruitment and engagement of employees in the SV Group requires increases beyond the model established so far for the federal public service with employees represented. The Bargaining Agent proposes to lift the exclusion of this article for the groups Firefighter (FR), Lightkeepers (LI) and Ships`Crews (SC). According to the employer, there is no justification for the proposed amendment. The LI and SC groups have specific provisions in the collective agreement to compensate for the custody obligation: the PSAC has also submitted 55 amendments specific to the SV group. These proposals deal with 22 articles of collective agreements and 6 (6) annexes, as well as new articles and memoranda and/or allowances. The new SV Group collective agreement will cover a period of low to moderate economic growth. In addition, the negative risks are related to the economic outlook, which could lead to lower labour markets and lower wage growth than is generally expected. Given interest rates in major industrialized countries at record levels and signs of a deteriorating global outlook, the focus will be on maintaining federal government compensation at an affordable price relative to the country`s economic performance, enabling the government to meet its fiscal commitments and better respond to future economic uncertainties.

The following 3 SV groups will receive the DTI: in addition, the employer`s proposal duplicates the other agreements concluded within the CPA and in separate agencies. Any agreement reached during the current cycle with the 11 bargaining agents for 17 bargaining units within the PCA provides for a period of four years. The same applies to separate agencies.

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