Cef General Model Grant Agreement Update April 2017


The Joint Pilot Project (PCP) is a regulation that needs to be implemented by operational stakeholders in certain geographical areas in order to achieve the expected benefits for ATMs and the European transport industry. The introductory program is the breakdown of the PCP at the project level, including clear timelines and planning details (“Define the WIE”), while the PCP determines what needs to be implemented where and by whom, as well as the implementation timelines. This means that the introductory program has a direct influence on the investment plans and investment decisions of each investor. Early planning is key for stakeholders and the MOU is the tool to guide investment planning by each interested party. The objective of the MOU is to offer the best planning in order to optimize investments in ATMs and obtain the best value for money. Following the Commission`s approval, future MEPs calls for proposals for transport will be based on the introduction programme (and all future updates). A) SDM distributed an updated IP model to its contact database on 11.11.2015. This template is also available on the sdm website. Yes, the implementing partner can choose to participate without applying for funding. However, this means that the monitoring and reporting activities contained in the LMS are carried out in accordance with Annex 1 “Description of the Action”. Please respect Article 18 of the Model Special Convention which you will find at the following link: ec.europa.eu/inea/sites/inea/files/model_grant_agreement_en.pdf. It should be noted that, in such cases, these beneficiaries are not subject to all the obligations normally provided for other beneficiaries (e.g.B.

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