30 Subject Verb Agreement Rules And Examples


I`ll tell you how to prepare for the grammar section of these tests, if you can give me an exercise commitment and a smart approach! These examples and sample questions about English not only help you practice, but also give you a notorious confidence to answer it! Don`t forget to visit the site if you need some inspiration before starting this mission! Teams compete over who should be the captain (compete with individual team members). The Committee did not agree on the measures to be taken. The audience applauded and laughed, they even cried. A singular subject adopts a singular verb, even if other nouns are connected by nouns that are plural but singularly important, such as news, measles, mumps, physics, electronics, tactics, economics, etc., usually take singular verbs. One of the results of the most recent experiments, published in the latest issue of the journal, stands out in particular. . .

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